There's no place like...

...home of course!

Day 27: My favorite place

I tell y'all what. I may talk about wanting to go to the beach or Disney. But quite frankly, I am the happiest when I am at home.

Those that have been with me since before I was on Blogger know what kind of crap we went through before we got this house. I love this house. There are things that I wish were a tad different, but on the whole, I am just happy to be here.

And why wouldn't I be? I've got:

Big Daddy

(Shh... it's a rare Big Daddy sighting. And this was actually taken in Ohio in April this year.)

and the kids and the animals...I had pictures, but Blogger and I aren't getting along this evening.

Also, another place in the house I love:

Our bedroom. We have the softest bed EVER. The frame I have had since pre-Big Daddy, so really we're due for another. But I love our bedroom. Read, watch TV, sleep, se...or whatever. It's a great room. I can't wait until we can paint. No more builder grade ivory.

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

**I took that picture of our house today. Can you believe how blue that sky is? The weather was WONDERFUL today.

And not to change the subject, but I thought you'd find this interesting.
Remember when we were talking about dreams? Well yesterday morning I was dreaming that a huge storm had come through and our Bradford Pear broke. The branch that broke hit the house across the street and they were mad. It was a weird dream anyway..

Yesterday afternoon the boys and I were leaving. The and in the driveway of the house I was just talking about had a truck sitting there. A TREE TRIMMING TRUCK.
::cue Twilight Zone music:::


Kathi said...

I heart your house, and your bed looks very comfy!

Too weird about your dream. :)

Sara @ Life With the Two said...

Okay, I'm totally cueing up the creepy Twilight Zone music for a completely different thing.

I looked at 3 houses online last week, and I loved all three of them. The kicker, they all looked VERY similar to your house. This whole "same life" thing just got a lot creepier!

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