In case you were wondering...

Apparently, words allude me today. I am taking a break from work so that I can write the way I LIKE TO WRITE.

With humor.

In first-person.


Yesterday, I wrote so much and even had a bit-o-drama to go with it, that today...

I got nothing.

The above text is what I mentioned in my entry earlier today.

I looked at the "I got nothing" for a few minutes and watched the blinking curser. Only to get up, go into the kitchen, decide the dishes could wait, and retreat to the couch where I spent the remainder of the afternoon watching all manner of courtroom drama.

I can neither confirm nor deny that a nap may have occured.

Today, I attempted to make-up for yesterday's transgressions, or lack thereof. I got up a 5 am. Fixed sausages and eggs. Packed healthy lunches. Cleaned the kitchen. Started laundry.

By the time the kids walked out of the door at 6:05, I was working. Of course, with any office job, one has to warm up. Fix a fresh cup of coffee. Check emails (Google reader) and chit-chat at the water cooler (Facebook).

After I wrote that compelling entry for today, I started in on writing. It was an odd assortment today. The first article was sent back because I didn't use a key phrase exactly as it was ordered. My usual method of splitting up two words that need additional punctuation or perhaps a preposition did not work.

Let's pretend the key phrase was "paper book." Obviously, the words don't flow correctly just as written. Typically, for SEO practices, this method would work:

"Most manuscripts should be written on plain, white paper. Book publishers will reject any queries that are written..."

See what I did there? But, NOOOO. I had to revise.

Anyway, I did a lot of writing today. Since I met my daily goal in a relatively short amount of time, I should have saw these things coming:

  • The water meter tank thing is full of water. We can't figure out why. Upon opening the lid, it was discovered that a black widow had also taken up residence. She was none-to-keen to our siphoning out her in-ground pool.
  • The internet went down this afternoon (thankfully not while I was in the middle of sending in a copy) for about an hour. It's a wonder I lasted in such primitive conditions. Plus, I was trying to figure out what to make for supper with spaghetti noodles, a pack of raisins, and coffee creamer.
  • The power went out AGAIN. This is a daily annoyance occurrence. About a mile or so up the road they are building a substation that is suppose to help something or another. If it would keep the clocks on the right time, that would be a start. This daily loss of power is crazy.
  • Big Daddy reiterated the fact that I don't have a "real" job despite the fact I have received "real" money. Of course, it is not a lot of money (see bullet point above) but it is more than I made last week and the week before that. And certainly more than the State of Tennessee thinks I am owed. He then followed up with, "I just thought you'd be making a lot more, that's all."
  • I did not tell him that I thought I'd be thin with long thick locks. We don't always get what we want.
  • The living room TV died. During Judge Judy no less.
  • After a quick google search, I have figured out the problem(s):

    1. The flux- capacitor all- spark died. This is common and an easy fix. And cheap! (See above bullet points)
    2. This has happened on every model of Magnavox TV with the same model number as ours. Clearly, it's a conspiracy. I am blaming the blond on "The View."
And finally, I was nominated to be the Secretary for the band boosters. During a meeting that I didn't attend--for the second time. Because I am so good with dates.

However, tomorrow is a new day. Except the small folks will be home at noon.

Well, it's better than nothing.

1 comment:

Kathi said...

I would be REAL annoyed if the TV went out in the middle of Judge Judy. LOL.

Congrats on your new title in band boosters. :)

Oh, and you are going to be making TONS of money soon writing, just keep it up!
I got faith in ya! :)

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