The Entry That Would Never Win An Award

A few pieces of business:

  • I started a blog entry yesterday only to stop after a few sentences. Words would not come to me yesterday. Not even for the Challenge.
  • Jo has GREATLY increased her odds of winning the giveaway. She has four out of the current eleven entries. You are able to enter daily.
  • If it wasn't for the Challenge, I don't know what I'd write about. Nothing ever seems to happen around here anymore.
Having said that, it's time to get a move on little doggy:

Day 4: What would your "perfect" Saturday look like?"

If I was being perfectly honest, my perfect Saturday would look like:

However, since I have about as much chance of spending the weekend at the beach as winning the lottery, I'm going to have be a bit more realistic.

Perfect Saturdays include Big Daddy being off of work. We get up, have breakfast and coffee, and then go about doing whatever needs to be done. We may leave; we may not. It doesn't matter. As long as everyone is happy it's a good day.

Big Daddy is off this Saturday. It's supposed to be nice. Darrin needs more leaves for his project, so I imagine we'll get out a bit. With any luck, it will be a perfect Saturday.


Jo said...

Obviously no one else wants to win as much as I do. Just award it to me and call it a day!

:-) :-) :-)

Kathi said...

I am going to enter again right now, tell Jo to just hold her taters, other people do want to win! :)

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