You Say Potato, I Say "Oh that reminds me..."

Day 3: "What funny thing happened yesterday?"

Okay. It has been a couple of low-key days around here. Laughs have been limited. However, something was kind of funny on Thursday...

Big Daddy and I are driving in the car. I mentioned to him that I thought the baked potatoes we had for supper the night before were especially delicious.

Yes. We are deep like that. Who needs politics, current events, and the economic status of the country when there are more pressing matters to discuss?

Other topics may include:
  • Who's cocaine was in Paris Hilton's pants?
  • Will Bachelorette Ali and her man stay together?
  • How does Kate Gosselin claim to raise her children herself, alone, while she is on a press tour and mentions they are in school?
  • Is Snookie really a Lindsey Lohan Wanna-be?
  • What's for dinner tonight?
Look for my ebook, Married Couples: How to Keep The Flame Alive When The Kids Are Gone, to come out this winter on Amazon.

He agreed that they were good. I said that I had got them at Publix. One thing I don't like about Publix is that they only carry baking potatoes. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about ten pounds of baking pototoes. Especially when there's other methods of preparation other than baking.

I know right about now you are wishing you were a fly in the car listening to this riveting conversation.

Anyway, I don't remember how the conversation went to a trip to the store a few weeks prior and we were looking at potatoes. He takes this moment to inform me that Idaho potatoes are russet potatoes.

I'm all, "What? How are they the same?"

He says, "Russet potatoes grown in Idaho are the only ones that can be referred to as Idaho potatoes. The rest are simply russet."

I reply with, "Then why is it that when I said in the produce department, 'I don't want russet potatoes. I don't like them. I only want Idaho,' you didn't say anything."

"Um. I didn't hear you?"

"Well, good lord. No wonder that woman looked at me like I was crazy. Thanks a lot."

"You'd think someone that worked in the produce department would know the difference."

From there we went on a wild goose chase of conversation, as most of our deep meaningful conversation tends to do.

You know. Now that I think about it. It's not that funny.

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Sara @ Life With the Two said...

I'm pretty sure that having conversations like that are what make marriages work.

And as someone who has worked in a grocery store, and can still rattle off most of the "universal" produce numbers, I think it IS that funny. I just call them "potatoes", and I know the ones I don't like are the ones that come in the weird yellow bag. I have no clue what kind they are.

Stunt said...

You are right, only potatoes grown in Idaho can be called Idaho potatoes. Over 40 states grow russets, but Idaho produces about one third, mostly the Russet Burbank variety whch bakes up dry and fluffy. Here's the web site, but don't search for it while driving and talking at the same time: www.idahopotato.com

Stunt said...

And, here is a fun new web site for Idaho potatoes that appeals to a younger audience www.spudtacular.com

Rachel said...

That conversation SO could have happened in our car. Kevin and I have strange conversations all the time.

Kathi said...

You are so goofy, but I love you.

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