The Ghouls Grew Up

As I mentioned in my last post, the boys didn't go trick or treating.

It's the end of an era. On one hand, it seemed like we'd be getting them decked out and TOTing forever. We never thought the day would come that we'd get to sit at the house together and pass out candy. On the other, we didn't want to stop.

Suddenly, without any warning, we were there. Or here. Whichever.

It all started with the neighbor boys. They and my boys are BFFs. For real. The neighbor boys and their family don't celebrate Halloween. That's fine. I can respect that.

Instead, on Halloween night, their church has a Fun Festival. Blowups, games, candy and the like. Last year, Nick wanted to give up TOT and go with them.

He came home declaring he would always go to church on Halloween.

Darrin, not one to give up a chance at at dressing up and getting a bag full of chocolaty goodness because he is my child, wasn't ready to give up the TOT.

Somehow the powers that be persuaded him to the light side. Alas, Big Daddy were left alone. On our most favorite holiday of the year.

I must have been mourning the loss unconsciously because 1) I didn't get a costume together, 2)I didn't decorate the house, and 3) I actually suggested that we just go out to dinner therefore denying all contact with other families whose children still like dressing up and traipsing from house to house for a handful of sugar, artificial flavorings, and dye.

Big Daddy apparently is not a force to be reckoned with. He came home with a mask for himself, and a witch hat (subliminal message, I believe) for me--some leftover freebie crap from the store. We had already bought candy to pass out and was going to sit outside anyway. We just dressed up for the occasion.

I never got a full-length picture of my last minute get-up, but let me assure you, Tim Gunn would NOT have been impressed.

(Which would have broken my heart to actually hear him say that.)

Our his pitiful attempt at a few decorations. I guess I should have done something, but it seemed like it was too late. His costume was great and several kids were scared.

(I had to admit, it really was creepy.)

There were a good bit of kids out, not as many as in years past. And it seemed like we were getting skipped. After awhile, we adjusted the lighting and that seemed to help. We may have been too dark as we had black lights on the front porch.

All in all, it wasn't a horrible Halloween. I guess now it is time to amp it up and start having the parties we have always dreamed of having.

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