Learning Curve

I think we have long established the list of things that I don't do well.

I think it has also long since been established the one thing that I do do well is the fact that I CAN list the things I don't do well.

(In case you were wondering, I giggled to myself at the "do do" above. Sign # 4356 that I am the mother of boys.)

You may be surprised to learn that I am terribly shy. Like, probably-need-to-be-medicated shy.

But my shyness has a limit. In front of a classroom of kids, I am (at least in my mind) the funniest, most outgoing person you could meet. I will joke, dance, do yoga, sing a song, or stand on my head if it means that a child will learn something. But let another adult walk into the room, and my heart starts pounding, my hands get palmy, my throat gets dry, and I probably sound like a blithering idiot.

When it comes to my online presence, I am more outgoing, until it comes to how shall I say? Pimping myself out?

Sure, those that are friends with me on facebook know that I will occasionally post something that I wrote or brag about something I did, but that's about it.

Recently, I had an epiphany about this shyness. I realized that the people that are succeeding with their blogs, writing careers, referrals, or anything else that necessitates networking are well, networking.

Twitter. LinkedIn. Stumble. Facebook. Etc. and so forth.

I have been writing for six months. Hundreds of articles, newsletters, how-to advice, and web content for other people. Copyrights sold. Nothing save for six articles on the Yahoo! Contributor Network (formally Associated Content) that has my byline on it.

For the last few days, I have been stepping out of my comfort zone. Not real far. Baby steps really.

I will be successful. Or at least will have something to show. For someone to say, "Well, she tried. That's for sure."

Who knows? One day you all can say, "I knew her when no one knew her."


Danelle said...

Good luck. It is kind of hard to put yourself out there. Oh, and I totally get the bathroom humor thing in relation to being a mother of boys. :)

Christy said...

I used to be horribly shy when I was younger. I did out grow it thankfully and when I tell people how shy I was in elementary school (and before of course) they struggle to believe it. I can remember being in 3rd or 4th grade at an auction with my parents and not leaving their side. My brother on the other hand had made probably 5 or more friends with the other kids who were drug to the auction with their parents and he'd even come and try to get me to go play with them, but there was no way that was going to happen!

Now...one of my favorite things to do is, are you ready? Public Speaking. Seriously I love it! LOL Go figure!!

I will be praying for you as you continue in your baby steps with your shyness. I can still clearly remember that sick feeling to my stomach as a little girl.

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