And so it begins...

The first day of 2011 was pretty good overall.

Being that we all were up until at least midnight or just slightly past, our rooster otherwise known as Nicholas, slept until after 9 A.M., giving us all the chance for some extra beauty sleep.

As far as the rest of the day, we have unproductively productive:

  • Took down the Christmas tree and put away the four decorations. A job that takes no more than one hour when the house is fully tinseled was finally considered finished after four.
  • I finished knitting one slipper that Nicholas had asked for. Before starting the second, I had him try it on. It was too small. He also hates the design. The very design I told him he wouldn't like.
  • I made two trips to the attic to find a tote of "missing" Christmas ornaments that doesn't exist.
  • Picked back up on a previous crochet project that was set aside for requested knitted items. I really need to get busy and make someone special those baby booties she asked about a few weeks ago. Given the state of Nicholas' one slipper, she may want me to practice more....
  • Asked the boys to clean their room.
  • Still waiting.
  • As of this writing, Big Daddy is snoring on the couch while "V" plays in the background. A show he requested to watch.
As far as reservations go, it's pretty reserved around here. Darrin did say he was going to save more money. But seeing as he gets none, I hate that he isn't going to be successful. Big Daddy did say that he made "some or one" but wouldn't divulge the details. He said it was like a birthday wish; if he told it wouldn't come true. Nicholas didn't say one way or another, but if his was, "Talk back to my mother and have major attitude for at least an hour a day, " then he is on the right track.

If I were to make any reservations, this is what I would say:

  • Lose 50 pounds by next December in order to prevent the Type 2 diabetes my mother was just diagnosed with.
  • Triple my monthly income by June.
  • Finish writing my book by the end of February.
  • Pay off my student loan and our generous family member by June.
  • Comment on blogs every day.
  • Make a blog post every day.

But since I don't make New Years (Year's?) reservations, I can't fail.


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Sara @ Life With the Two said...

I don't make them either. (How shocking, I know) Although, I do plan to make 2011 the year I become content with every aspect of my life. Even if it is almost the complete opposite of what I thought it would be.

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