For the Love of One Day

I don't really understand all the hoopla behind this day: February 14th.

Sure, some call it Valentine's Day. Stores are draped in red and pink crape, with cases of candies, stuffed animals, and long racks of cards ready for purchase to tell that special someone how much you love them.

But have you noticed that most of the stores have the same things that fall into the Valentine theme? So, where is the surprise in that?

It's not that I am bitter about this holiday, although I used to be back in my younger days. I have also seen the stress this day causes people. I used to work as a merchandiser for a major greeting card company. I was required to work on Valentine's Day. And Target was one of my accounts.....

Let's just say I have seen more civilized people on Black Friday at Walmart.

My husband and I have been together for fourteen years. We have never celebrated Valentine's Day, per se. We may have eaten out a time or two and said, "This is for Valentine's Day." After all of our time together, it isn't this day's proclamation of love that I remember, it's the other days.

  • When he brings me a Route 44 Sonic Diet Coke without me asking. 
  • When he picks up the Sunday paper so that I don't have to go out. 
  • When he sneaks out of bed and gets the boys ready for school so I can sleep for an extra hour.
  • When he brings me three tea rose plants and a Christmas cactus because they went on clearance and he knows I like them. 
  • When he brings me coupons that are only found in the store. 
And the list could go on.

Through the years, we have went through three moves, two births, five store re-locations, the brink of foreclosure, mental illness, three hospital stays (beyond giving birth), and three major surgeries.I quit working full-time to go back to college. We are in debt up to our ears. We haven't had a vacation in four years with none in sight for the future. But, we have a roof over our head, two vehicles that run and are paid for, generally good health, and plenty of laughs.

If even after all that (and it's been candy-coated for the faint of heart) and  we still want to be together, then I can't think of any bouquet of flowers, heart-shaped box of candy, or red and pink stuffed bear that is going to define his love for me any better. And vice-versa.

Our "Valentine's Day" happen on random days throughout the year.  We believe that the surprise and small token of love is more meaningful when it isn't expected.

If you happen to love the idea of Valentine's Day, by all means, don't let us ruin your party. Go ahead and have fun! Tonight, while you all are waiting for a table, or trying to grab a card and box of candy at the last minute, we'll have supper at home and then go and get our taxes done.

Because nothing says love better than dishpan hands and a federal tax refund. 


Sara @ Life With the Two said...

Working in retail jaded me to Valentine's Day. I don't believe in it anymore. Well, maybe I never believed in it to begin with.

Either way, the hubby is happy that he doesn't have to fight the crowds for flowers that are going to wilt in 2 days and chocolates I'm not going to eat.

Rachel said...

I could have written this post. Every word. Read it again, and ask me any part. This was my post.

the4j's said...

Just wrote about a similar thing. We call them "Tuesday Gifts" at our house. Anyone can buy a gift on Valentine's day, Mother's day...etc. Remember me on a Tuesday.....THAT will do it for me!

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