Save the Children: Mothers Helping Mothers

We watched it live on television. Safe and dry.

We knew where our children were. We may have even complained about a mess, paused for a tickle and hug, or wondered how we'd get them picked up from school and to their extracurriculars, yet manage to get a decent supper on the table.

We tweeted our thoughts. We prayed for the safety of those affected.

In time, we managed to carry on with our regular routine.


Our next-door neighbors did not have such a luxury. It is estimated that as many as 100,000 children have been displaced because of the earthquake and resulting tsunami that devastated parts of Japan. Due to the mid-afternoon disaster, many children were in school when the devastation struck. As horrific as it may be, imagine for one moment that it was you. Would you hope that someone would help?

Today, my fellow Mothers and I are urging you to make a difference in the lives of the earthquake victims, save the children and reunite families.

Post, tweet, donate.

 Let's stick together and help our mothers in need.  Save the Children.

Tweets can be directed to @SavetheChildren or RT @savethechildren Please donate to our #Japan #Earthquake #Tsunami 'Children in Emergency Fund' http://bit.ly/h1PgYu #HelpJapan

Donations are handled securely here :Savethechildren.org

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1 comment:

Mommy Reporter said...

I feel so bad, I didn't participate in this... I'm glad you did though. I plan on donating to help out... plus, I won't feel so guilty.

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