Snoring Husband Makes for a Fun Evening : Stream of Consciousness Sunday

Although I missed it last week, I am totally on board this week with Fadra's Stream of Consciousness Sunday. I need to set up an alert or something....

At any rate, the plan is simple:
  • Set the timer for five minutes.
  • WRITE. 
  • No editing, no spell check, no correcting. 
  • Hit publish. 
  • Link entry back to on All.Things.Fadra: Our always fashionable, undeniably hilarious, gracious hostess.
On my mark, get set, GO:
I can't believe that for once I am glad that Big Daddy is snoring. Had he not started in about four seconds after he turned over, I may not have come down stairs on gotten on the computer. Which is odd anyway becquse the plan was to watch "House," and/ or read my book until I got sleepy. I thought getting on the computer would be bad. Oh well got to strike when the iron is hot.

Today was a crappy day. Why were the boys in such good moods yet so annoying at the same time. And to see the look on their faces when I told them that they had to wash the supper dishes. PRICELESS. And they did a good job too.

I only have one more week until they are on Spring Break. I have got to get a TON of work done in case I am not all that productive come next week. And then BD is off the following week with them---heaven help us all.

I noticed when I looked in the mirror for the umpteenth time if my hair was as bad as I imagined. I can't image what that hair stylist was thinking when she gave me this hair cute that looks like Dorothy Hammel and Lord Font Le Roy had a baby. Upon closer inspection, it looks like she jacked it up further by not cutting it evenly. Or perhaps it was from me pulling on the strands willing it to grow out already......


Pia said...

Cute and funny way to get your "rambling" started. I love the humor in your writing voice! I hope you have a productive week :)

R said...

ahhh snoring... not something I hear very often... I almost miss it... well, not IT - but having Hubs in bed, sleeping, at the same time as me... yeah, I definitely don't miss the snoring, just the Hubs :)

Wishing you a wonderful week, hope you get lots done, and I hope also that you don't pull out ALL of your hair ;) makes it harder to grow when it's no longer attached!

Sara @ Life With the Two said...

Did you go to a Toni and Guy studio? Cause they totally gave me a mullet once. And it too grew out jagged from all the pulling.

I sorry you hate your hate. That's always the worst.

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