Knowing The Right Things to Say to a Lady

Ladies, look out. My youngest son is going to make a fine husband one day.

Currently, he is trained in:

  • taking out the trash
  • setting the table
  • sorting the recycling
  • saying the right thing at the right time
Exhibit A: I pick up All*You magazine every month. If you have this month's (April 22) issue, turn to page 36. The second woman from the left? I swear she is my twin:

Cecily in All*You

Heather in Ohio, 2010
I see the page in All*You and take up a brief poll from the men-folk:

Me: I swear, this woman looks just like me. Only better!
Big Daddy: Yeah. I guess. 

Nicholas: Um. I don't really see it. 

Darrin: Yes. She looks kinda like you. Only she is chubbier. 

Now, if I were to give total disclosure, I did not exactly correct his observation. I mean, it is HIS opinion. However, I do disagree with him. 

Exhibit B: Tonight we went out to dinner. Nothing fancy. Less than 20 bucks for the four of us. We pull into the driveway and I casually mention, "You know, our neighbor probably thinks I never cook."

Without missing a beat, Darrin says, "You cook! And it's delicious, too!"

He turns eleven on Thursday, ladies. He is already 5'1" which is slightly taller than his twelve year old brother. He's going to be tall. And dark. 

The handsome is a given:

Just a word of warning: He is hungry. A lot. But, the good news is he isn't a picky eater.

Sign- ups will be announced soon for the first round of interviews of potential wives. If you think those auditioning for American Idol had it rough...

Well, just look at the prize you'll be getting.

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KMcCoop98 said...

I have to tell you a story about MY son. Some years ago, I managed some how to get a round brush stuck in my hair, while blow-drying it. It was REALLY stuck, and I had to have my husband cut it out. I had this huge clump of hair sticking straight up out of head. I started crying and saying how "horrible" that I looked. Well, my son, who was 8 years old at the time, says; "Mom, if my eyes were mirrors, you would see how beautiful you really are".

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