Getting More Than I Asked For

Today, I asked my children to list the things that make me an awesome mom. I did not give them time to think and use all manner of brown-nosing to serve an end to their never-ending means.

May I present to you, "What Makes Cool And Hip An Awesome Mom":

Darrin (four days shy of 11) says I am:

  • interactive and fun
  • helpful when needed
  • knowledgeable "about a lot of stuff"
Coincidentally, those are the same adjectives I use to describe Google

Next, Nicholas (12) thinks I:
  •  can write good (I better explain proper superlatives. State testing is this week.)
  • help when he needs help
He also loves that I take him to the library and "let me get almost any book I want and as many as I want." 

When Darrin said that I knew lots of stuff, I asked him if he could give me some examples. He is a mini-man of few words, but Nicholas decided to add some examples:
  1. "You know how to write." He was not specific if this was as in using a pen or story-telling. 
  2. "You know the rules of grammar." Well, he thinks I know them all. 
  3. "You know the Triangle Inequality Theorem." What? Doesn't everyone?

Last but not least, Jessica sent me her thoughts in a text:

She turns eighteen in eighteen days. Needless to say, I have had many Mother's Days. Every year has been a bit bitter sweet, and this year will be exceptionally emotional.

But, hearing all the things that my children think about me? This may be the best Mother's Day I have ever had.

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I can guarantee she will treasure it always. 

 This post was sponsored by Tiny Prints. Please see my Disclosure page for any questions.

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