Celebrites: They Are Just Like Us

Picture this:

We are standing outside the gates at Greer Stadium waiting on our party to arrive. The gates have already opened so not many people are milling about.

Then, a local celebrity walks by.

Recognition clicks. Make myself look like a goober. Because clearly I Am Not, Cool and Hip.

We receive our tickets and make our way in. Walking towards the tunnel, I see that all three of my favorite of my morning news anchors are sitting at a table, signing autographs.

Now, I live just south of Nashville. I live down the road (and around the bend) from where Miley Cyrus grew up. It was nothing for Billy Ray to come into the store.

A hundred years ago before I knew Big Daddy, I used to work at Cracker Barrel. There wasn't a day that someone of any kind of notoriety didn't come into the restaurant.

I knew Loretta Lynn's fiddle player.

And once? I literally walked into Wynonna Judd.

While Tennessee isn't exactly teeming over with celebs, it's not like I haven't seen  any. Or served them coffee. Or used the restroom at the same time. They are just regular people, you know.

But seeing the three of them sitting there, I was totally star-struck. Big Daddy tried to get me to  stop and get an autograph or perhaps a picture. I couldn't do it. So he took my phone and was going to take a picture for me.

Have I mentioned how awesome he is?

He and the boys went back for the photo op. When they get back, I immediately start searching for the picture. But I couldn't find it. Anywhere.

Finally, I found it. Only he didn't take a picture. He took a video:

Here is the part you don't see: While the boys are getting autographed pictures, Big Daddy is holding up the phone to get a picture. Neil (far left) notices and says, "Let's get a picture with the boys." When the video ends, it is because he thought he took the picture. 

On Monday, I became friends with Neil and Julie on Facebook.

I wrote this on Neil's page:
On Tuesday, I gave them the link to the video on the Mob Page:

We are sitting in Steak n Shake yesterday. BD says, "Why did your phone ding at like four this morning?"

"Oh. That was Julie. Julie Kroenig. She sent me a message. On Facebook."

You know, because we are all BFFs now. 

What was your most memorable celebrity sighting/interaction? 


Sara Vaz said...

My favorite "local celebrity" interaction happened when I was little. My aunt worked on a local radio station, and her BFF at the time was the afternoon drive lady. I was out with the two of them somewhere, and was spotted by some classmates who were then all "OMG! I can't believe you know her!" For 10 minutes I was the coolest 8 year old in the room!

Heather said...

Okay, now THAT is a cool interaction. Totally awesome.

And because we are always similiar...Do you or have you ever listened to Bob and Tom? My uncle dated Christie Lee for a while. I vaguely remember her coming to our house with him.

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