D*#N You, Auto Correct

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 The two of you that read this blog have most likely heard or seen the website solely dedicated to the hilarious misgivings that comes with the auto correct feature on the iPhone. I mean, I know about it; I am usually the absolutely the last to know anything. 

I didn't know how frustrating it could be until my mom sent me a text one day (from her iPhone) asking me to help her with her sesame. Earlier, she had been talking about work, so the sesame request was a bit odd. Plus she has diverticulosis and sesame seeds are one thing she needs to avoid.

Perhaps that was the request for help?

As a side note, if you'd asked me yesterday, how many times can you use 'sesame' in a paragraph before it becomes annoying, I would have said, "Um. Maybe three times." It would appear I would have guessed correctly.

I sent her another text asking how exactly I could help, when she texted back: "R.E.S.U.M.E. Damn auto correct!!!"

I never gave the auto correct feature much thought until I finally got my own iPhone late last month. I went to text my daughter, Jessica. Two things you should know:

1. Her nickname is Juicy*.
2. We have silly words that we used with just each other.

She is at work or something. I text her, "I need some juicy lubs (loves)."
And before I can stop it, damn auto correct sends, "I need some juicy lube."

Auto correct is now off and shall remain so forever.

*When she was about two, she hated to be helped to do anything. She would say, "NO Juicy do!" Ergo, the name stuck. 


Rita said...


I'm your newest follower! I look forward to checking out the rest that your blog has to offer.

Thanks for the laugh!


Heather said...

Hi Rita,
Welcome! I hope you have found a comfortable chair and cold beverage. I almost always have Diet Coke. ;)

I attempt at humor on most entries, but on occasion I end up writing a more serious post. Not often, though. :)

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