Stream of Consciousness: Doing it on Monday

As you may or may not have known, we had birthday week this past week with the final festivities coming to an end yesterday. I had planned to do this entry last night but just didn't have energy once everyone left.

Let's do this:

Wish You Were HereFor the last fourteen years, I have bit my tongue. Said nothing. Waited. I have done things I didn't want to do. I have withheld infomation. Never lied. Just withheld. All to keep the peace. But for what reason? Whom am I trying to protect.

She is driving me crazy. It's the simple things. I know it is. Big Daddy says ignore it. But he has only been around for the last fourteen years. I've been around for 36. I know the score.

She thinks she's got everyone fooled. The only fool is her. And those that bow down to her wishes and throw her up on that ivory pedestal.

I am waiting. The time is coming. Her time is up. Once J is gone, she has no one to use as a cover or excuse.

I have never been so insulted as I was yesterday. But just like every other time, I bit my tongue but only slightly. The time is near....


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1 comment:

FadraN said...

Here's my completely unsolicited advice. Decide if you care to have HER in your life. For you, for your kids. If so, keep the peace. If you are willing to not have her in your life, put it out there!

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