This may suprise you, but I am normally not one to complain -

Okay, now that you are done laughing and saying, "Yeah, right," let me finish.

I am not one to complain when it comes to calling or emailing companies about poor customer service. That does not mean I won't make snarky comments on Facebook, make a comment in the store, or tell someone else.

Big Daddy usually tells me that I should call/email/complain. But what he forgets is that he will also tell me about customer comments about his store. Those comments are usually petty and unfounded. I don't want to become someone else's dinner converstation. "You won't believe what this woman complained about today...."

On Saturday, I was in a particular* store that visit at least once a month. It is not unusual to have poor customer service at this location, but I tend to overlook it. Or make a comment directly to the offending person.  This time, I couldn't couldn't let the rudeness slide. I did make a comment to the offending person, and then left my buggy** sitting up front and walked out. Later that evening, I emailed the corporate office and declared this store dead to me.

I felt better by and honestly thought nothing would happen.

"I bet she is trying to get somethin' for nothin'.
Monday a.m. : A reply to my email was in my inbox. My original email was being sent on to the retail services.

Monday 2:30 p.m.: District Manager called to get more information. He gave me his direct number, the name of that store's general manager, and is sending me a gift certificate. He apologized no less than five times for my experience.

Monday 3:45 p.m.: Store Manager called to apologize. He assured me that the associates involved had been addressed as well as other problems associated with that store. Entire call lasted one minute according to my phone. He even questioned as to why I didn't come to him directly.  

I get the sneakin' suspecion that I just become someone's conversation fodder.

I considered going back to the store dependent on how the store manager's call went. But now? I won't be back.

*The actual name is not essential here. 
**Southern translation; buggy -noun: a rolling recepitcal used to contain items one wishes to purchase in a store. syn: shopping cart, carriage, handcart, gig, dolly, pushcart.


facebook-1359322570 said...

Wow! You actually got a quick response -- no three quick responses! I think I would go back just to see if anything has changed. If it hasn't, then you were probably someone's dinner conversation. If it has, then you may still have been someone's dinner conversation, but at least it would be worth it.

Sara @ Life With the Two said...

He wanted to know why you didn't contact him directly, because he probably got in trouble, and he could have pretended to placate you without dealing with the problem if he had. NOW he has to do extra work and remind his employees not to be stupid.

And I'm pretty sure I'm routinely the topic of discussion at other people's dinner tables. I think it's fun. :)

Amy122389 said...

Me and Jesse were somebody's dinner conversation last week.  2 weeks ago, we went to LJS.  We got the fish and shrimp platter.  Jesse's shrimp wasn't cooked.  Well, the batter wasn't.  it was mushy ick.  He took one bite and said 'No....I can't eat this."  I was like 'mine was fine...it's not big!' (which it wasn't fine....mine was mushy, too).  Anyway, he takes the plate back up to the counter and tells one of the workers what his problem is.  She took his shrimp AND DUMPED IT BACK IN THE FRYER!   Yeah....the half eaten one, too.  Then they gave it back to him.  He came back to the table dumbfounded and pissed at the same time.  So....when he got home, he emailed the corporate offices.  We got two free meals and an apology from corporate and two of the store managers.  (and a bunch of extra stuff free.)  Um...but Jesse stood there and make sure they didn't spit in our food the 2nd time around...lol

coolandhip said...

I've been fighting with myself if I am going to go back. I have already "banned" the store, but I really do love this particular location. If I go, BD is going to be all, "I knew you couldn't hold out."  

coolandhip said...

 HAHA I am glad he stood there. Even though they were in the wrong, you still don't tick off the the people that handle your food. ;) 

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