We All Want to Believe

If ever I needed something, it is most certainly a Kick In The Blog. One of my many muses and a fabulous lady I am proud to call my friend is behind this brand spankin', squeaky clean website. Jessica posts writing prompts to help us get over that dang blinking curser.

She asks, "Who Believes in You?

Great question. I wish I had an answer.

But the truth of the matter is that I don't think anyone really believes in me. I have plenty of friends and colleagues that encourage me and give me positive feedback. As soon as I am given it, however, I start thinking, "She is just saying that because she is my friend. She wouldn't want to hurt my feelings. No one that loves you is that brutally honest."
The rational side of me wonders if no one believes in me because I don't believe in myself? Perhaps that is an irrational thought, but it is what I am thinking right now.

My husband is without a doubt my biggest fan and head cheerleader. But I feel most of the time all his rah-rah-sis-boom-bah is because is loves me. And because he is a man, he knows that poo-pooing on my ideas will inevitably cause me to poo-poo on his ideas. You know, like a clean house, clean and ironed laundry, and hot meals. Or something like that.
photo credit: Kick in the Blog

Whether his belief in my abilities are real or imaginary, he is the first one I go to when I am feeling like I am failing. At anything. Even if he doesn't understand what I am doing, he always seems to come up with the right combination of things to make me feel like I can continue to try for one more day.

Even after his little pep talks, the one thing I really want is someone to say I believe in you. And honestly mean it.


Jessica Rosenberg said...

Oh hon, I bet a whole lot more people believe in you than you know. You just have to allow yourself to believe that what they're saying is true!
Maybe the answer really does lie in believing in yourself first.

Thank you for participating in the first Kick In the Blog prompt! It means so much to me!

Sara Vaz said...

This is the one time I wish you and I weren't the same person. I feel exactly the same way. 

And? I believe in you. And I AM that brutally honest. To everyone. 

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