Real Writers Write. Others Dream of Writing and Stuff

I've been in a funk as of late. I feel like my current life choice, while all things I love -- writing and designing -- are all wrong for me. In the midst of my party-of-one pity party I lamented that I just wished I could sit and write. Fiction. All I want to do is write the stories that are floating around in my head. I feel like I am wasting time and the chance to actually be earning some money by writing, but my husband whom continues to push me and tell me that he believes in what I want encourages me to keep typing away.

Being a writer is not a career that you can just apply for, be hired, then start making some money. There are hundreds of thousands of people, all vying for basically the same thing. Some types of writers have less competition than others.

On one particularly rough evening of wow-is-me, I created a list. I even typed it up. And then promptly erased it for fear that someone might actually read it.  At my writers group, I mentioned the list to my friend who laughed and said, "You need to write that." Since I wish I had a teaspoon of the talent CeCe has, I decided it was best to listen to her.

May I present "The Ten Things I Have A Better Chance of Than Being Published*"

1. Defeating Michelle Bachman in the primaries

2. Having a walk-on role on "Jersey Shore"
(Maybe I can talk to a certain person about her "collaborator" and get publishing tips.)

3. Running the Boston Marathon

4. Competing on "Wheel of Fortune"

5. Receiving a tweet from Ellen

6. Winning the lottery

7. Being quoted in any magazine

8. Finding Jimmy Hoffa's body

9. Getting my husband to like onions

10. Winning the Mrs. Tennessee pageant

*While I have been published in the sense that someone printed what I wrote (three times), here I mean "published" to mean a book published and for sale at a book store. Doesn't even have to be the New York Times Best Selling List. 


Jessica Rosenberg said...

You and I share the same conundrum. My dream is to be published and while the book is written, it has yet to be completely wielded... The quest for paying gigs takes up that time. Or rather, I think that I hide and cower behind that excuse because it's just too scary to get that close to my dream. What if I do everything and the book is rejected by all? Then is my dream a wash?

Basically... I can SO relate!

Jessica Rosenberg said...

Oh! Book suggestion to get you writing: Page by Page By Heather Sellers. Great inspiration.

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