Making Love Out of Nothing At All

Love saves the day

I think it has been well established that I love to read, write, and make the occasional snarky comment or observation.

But there is a whole other side that you probably don't know about me.
Since Jessica wants to know "What do you love to do?" now is a good time to reveal that I may have been holding back.

1. Encourage others

I know, the irony is not lost on me, but I am a people-pleaser to a fault. I don't do it to gain my own compliments. I honestly try to find positive things to say to everyone. Which oddly leads me to the next point....

2. Over-analyze past situations

I think one reason that I enjoy writing so much is that I have time to think about what I am trying to say. But even typed words get me in trouble 90 percent of the time. Nevertheless, I find myself worrying about something I said (or wrote) and that I hurt someone's feelings. Then if I try to backtrack and rectify the situation, I end up making something out of nothing.

Not that I LOVE over-analyzing things, but I find myself doing it so frequently (read: daily) that it probably needed to be added to the list.

3. Rearranging the living room furniture. 

If it could be done, I would rearrange the entire layout of the house.

4. Getting up with my children and seeing them off to school. 

They are probably getting to the age that I shouldn't do so much for them, but I honestly don't mind getting up, packing them a lunch and fixing their breakfast. All so that they may have a better day at school.

Now, what do YOU love to do?

This post was inspired by the ingenious, Jessica, the SUPERwoman behind Kick in the Blog. You can also find her gorgeous blog at It's My Life. 


AutismWonderland said...

LOVE IT!  I am guilty of over analyzing situations.  ALWAYS! 
Following you from a Kick in the Blog :) 

Courtney Wertz MacIntyre said...

I, too, love to rearrange furniture.

And when I used to go out to the bars all the time in my 20s, I made a conscious habit of complimenting other women. It seemed like everyone who was out at clubs had a chip on their shoulder (especially women and myself included), probably because they were really conscious of how they looked and acted. If I said one nice thing to a girl (and it had to be sincere), it seemed to brighten not only her mood, but my own, as well.
I also think the nicest way to compliment someone is not just to say "Those are really cute shoes," but to find a way to make it about the person, not the thing. So I might say, "You have really good taste in shoes - I love those!" or something like that.

Jessica Rosenberg said...

I love this Heather! Whenever you get done with your house, you can come rearrange my furniture any day. 
The mornings are both my most frustrating time and my favorite time. There's nothing as precious as sleepy, warm, morning cuddles. It's like the day still has so much potential just waiting to be snapped up. Love that feeling!

Thank you for participating in the second kickintheblog.com prompt!

Jessica Rosenberg said...

I love that Courtney! I like to make random compliments too, but I think I need to adopt your spin on it! So much more personal!

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