How Hot Is It?

I am not sure if you've heard, but it's hot. Like crank-up-the-AC-and-worry-bout-the-light-bill-later hot.

On our local news channel's Facebook page, they asked for some "It's so hot..." metaphors. I thought these were pretty funny. But don’t laugh too hard. You don’t want to get overheated (Please note: The following may have been edited for grammatical errors.)

"It's so hot
...you can start a fire by rubbing two Girl Scouts together."  
...the trees start looking for shade."
...the ice in the ice maker keeps turning to water."
...the devil says, 'Nice day huh?'"
...I saw a mosquito carrying a canteen!”
...worms are begging people to go fishing."|
...the thermometer reads TO BE CONTINUED"
...chickens lay hard boiled eggs."|
...the grass screams in pain when you water."
...the potatoes cook underground. All you have to do is pull one out and add butter, salt and pepper."
 Here are some I found on Yuksrus.com:

It's so hot|
...the cows are giving evaporated milk.
...the trees are whistlin' for dogs.
...the birds have to pick up the worms with potholders.
...Scientists recently detected beads of sweat on the Statue of Liberty.
...Campbell Soup has changed the directions on its cans to: "Just pour and eat."

How hot is it at your house?

Photo credits: Google images


amylynn0724 said...

those are awesome

Today? In Kansas it has actually cooled off

thank you GOD

that is all

Sara Vaz said...

Here in Germany we got up to 85. Although that doesn't SOUND bad, it's still hot enough to sweat, and the locals really do find deodorant optional. And air conditioned buildings are a rare commodity! 

Heather said...

Deodorant optional? Um. No. That is wrong. 

Heather said...

I am glad you are getting some cooling relief. We got rain, which just made it that more humid. Boo. 

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