Social Graces

At some point, you shouldn't have to be told what to do.
It's time again to call out those who chose to not follow the social mores that make the world a better place.

Of course, it is possible said people don't even know what a more is:

Said people work for Big Daddy.

An employee is retiring this week. Monies were collected from those who could give in order to purchase a gift. Big Daddy and the deli manager worked together to secretly cook a  lunch for her.

Time came for the surprise luncheon.

The first people in line, who made a beeline for the buffet, did not contribute towards the gifts or cooking efforts.

This is wrong, people.

First of all, guest of honor should go first. Secondly, while no one is going to be presenting tickets proving that he or she contributed to the cause, it would be socially appropriate to those that were not able to contribute to hold back.

I am not saying that just because someone is not in a position to go-in for a gift doesn't deserve to be part of the party, but common decency says that those that were key players should certainly have a chance to go through the line first.

If it was just a coincidental occasion, it would be one thing. But the same people are consistently the first one with their hands out, but have nothing for someone else.

My feelings behind said people have been noted on numerous occasions. And that is probably why I am never invited to participate in such festivities.

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Lori Helms said...

People like that are everywhere. They either do not give any thought to anyone else, or they just don't care. Either way, it is sad.

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