Picaboo, I See You: Holiday Edition

If you are like me, thinking about Christmas well before we've passed out candy to mini-versions of Angry Birds,  Luke Skywalker, and Cpt. Jack Sparrow is a bit premature.

But, again, if you are like me, you like to keep it old school when it comes to certain things. Electronic versions are fine, but I still prefer the feel and sentiment when it comes to things like books and cards. Especially holiday cards. The month of December is the only time I don't dread the varied stacked of envelopes placed inside each day. To get the best cards, it has to be done early.

And while we're on the subject of how similar we all are, I know you'd love get something for nothing. Literally. I've got the hook-up, people.

Picaboo has just released its Holiday collection of cards.  And you can get yours, customized by you, for free.

Whether you need Christmas cards, simple Season's Greetings, or Hanukkah messages, Picaboo's got you covered.

Oh, what's that you say? You just need some cute, yet creative-looking holiday invitations. They've got those, too.

The fun is built in:

1. Click the Get Started button on the home page. (Does require Adobe Air; free to download if you don't currently have it.)

2. Open Picaboo X on your desktop.

3. Choose:
Free shipping on $50. Use code WITCH. Ends 10/23

4. Choose design. [Word of caution, the sheer amount of cuteness will make rendering a decision  to just one to near impossible.]

5. Click next to upload your photos from your computer file:

6. Add. Play. Swap. Generally have a good time.

Note: Not my card order. You didn't think I'd ruin the surprise did you?

Have fun, but don't use Comic Sans.
Trust me. 

Don't like the stock caption? No worries. You can chose your own in freeform mode. Click on the caption area fill it in.

Really, it couldn't be any easier to make cards for the holidays (or any occasion for that matter).

What do you want to say?


7. Click the Order Card button on the lower right hand corner to, well, order. It will upload, automatically, to the website for ease of ordering.

8. Picaboo is so awesome, you are given paper choices:

9. Add to cart.

10. Purchase and tic off the first item off your holiday to-do list.

Remember how I mentioned that you could literally get free cards? When you place your order, use the code GREAT-HC. That will get you 25 for F.R.E.E. But if you happen to buy 50? You'll get 50 free.

Oh, and a little bonus...you can use that code, twice.

Don't thank me. Thank Picaboo.

Disclosure: I received a stipend and a code to get my own cards in exchange for this post and my honest opinion. Spreading the love that is Picaboo's 2011 Holiday Card collection I have done for free and on my own. I will receive no other compensation. 


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