True Love

Last year, I wrote about Valentine's Day and how we don't as a couple don't celebrate it. 

I am not sure what got me to thinking about it all today. We were getting ready to leave to have lunch with a friend, and I was trying to remember past holidays. I can only remember one, and that one is hazy. He had made me a card. I'd have to dig it out to even see what year it was. And it's also possible it was for Mother's Day.

Clearly, I will not be nominated for Wife of the Year.

Later in the car, I finally asked him, "Did we decide a long time ago that we didn't believe in Valentine's Day and decide to skip it or did I poo-poo your ideas?"

He was quiet for a beat. "Well. Kinda."

I have been with this man for fifteen years. It has been a long time that something he has said shocked me and rendered me speechless.

We never talked more on the subject for rest of the day. He is fighting a nasty cold and actually went to bed early. Or so I thought. Not twenty minutes after he went upstairs, I received a text:

I so don't deserve this man. 


Heather said...

aw how amazing!!!

Heather said...

Totally floored me. I may or may not have cried when I read it. 

Heather said...

That, right there, is a perfect moment. Using updated technology :-) 

Heather said...

Being that he (rightfully) adores you, I trust he won't mind that you posted that on your blog.

Heather said...

Awww. How perfectly sweet. 

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