10 Signs of Facebook Addiction

Much to the satisfaction of Mark Zuckerberg and other appropriately interested parties, I spend a good portion of my days with a Facebook tab open.

While it would appear my time spent there is for pleasure, I do a variety of things on a number of pages, therefore my presence is usually required. Regardless, I love Facebook and would spend a good amount of time there anyway.

I'd probably just play more Farmville or Sims Social.

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In a conversation with a great friend today, on Facebook no less, it occurred to me that there could be addiction factor to Facebook. She messaged me and said, "I just tried to 'like' that last comment."

I have done the same thing.  In emails. On Twitter. On text messages

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Knowing I'm not alone, here is your checklist: You might be addicted to Facebook if...

  • your 8-year-old wants an account so he can keep in touch with you.
  • you dream of the dislike button that Facebook won't add.
  • it's the last thing you check before heading to bed, and the first thing you check in the morning - before getting out of bed. 
  • your child does something cute and first thing you think to do is update your Facebook status so you don't forget.
  • your child immediately says, "DON'T POST THIS ON FACEBOOK" when you laugh at his joke. 
  • you run a monologue of Facebook status updates just to have people talk to you.
  • your place of work has Facebook blocked, so you get a smartphone and update during the day. 
  • you take pictures specifically because they will look good as a timeline cover photo. 
  • you receive messages rather than emails because the other party knows you'll definitely see it. 
  • you crowd-source a list of addicting Facebook behaviors, in group, on Facebook. 

someecards.com - All of Mommy's friends live in Facebook.

If you found yourself nodding along and mentally ticking off an item or ten, you are in good company. 
If you don't understand what's all that great about Facebook, well, I don't know what to tell you. 

I would like to thank my  friends with help in compiling this list of Facebook-related behaviors. 
Of course, none of us would claim we are addicted. We would rather call it, "Specializing in Social Media."


Heather said...

Haha! Yes, we're specialists. It's our job, so we can't be considered addicts, right?!

Heather said...

OH my. We both know I am addicted. Love this!

Heather said...

Oh wow! So true! You just don't know how often I read a blog entry and feel myself getting ready to hit a "like" button that isn't there. Blogs should have "like" buttons! lol

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