Digging for Treasure

As you may or may not recall, during the week I watch a sweet boy. Every so often, I also get to keep his four-year-old brother, Lucas*.

We had had big fun, playing approximately 1, 376 games of Piranha Attack, two games of Connect 4 Launchers, and multiple requests for juice boxes** all before the baby woke up from his morning nap. 

Even after some fun outside blowing bubbles, hitting a baseball, drawing with chalk, chasing lizards,  followed by an awesome lunch, the most amazing, mind-boggling moment for Lucas came just after his nap. 

He had slept for just over an hour, and since he'd been fighting a runny nose all morning, there was some nose cleaning he and I were not exactly going to see eye-to-eye on. Upon sitting up, he promptly stuck his finger in his nose. 

"Lucas, please don't do that. Let me get you a tissue, and then I'll wash your face."

Lucas removed his finger, looked at me as if he were weighing out the situation. As I rose to grab said tissue and wash cloth, his finger found his nose again like a magnet to metal. 

"Hey, buddy. Let's not do that." I proceed to help him clean up. 

Just as we settle in to watch PBSKids while waiting for the baby to wake up, he disappears around the corner. 

"Lucas? Whatcha doin'?"

He slinks back into the room, looking guilty, but trying to pull off innocence. "Nothin'."

"I asked you not to pick your nose." 

His eyes get wide. His mouth opens slightly. 

"Isn't that what you were doing?"

He nods softly. 

"Okay. I mean it." 

"How did you know what I was doin'?"

"I'm a mom. Moms always know."

For the rest of the day, he never tried to sneak to do anything else. And when he relayed the events of the day to his mom, I doubt he told her everything.


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