Food for All

It could happen to you. Or the family next door. Or the stranger in the store. The staggering reality is this problem is closer to home than you think.

Hunger. Food Insecurity. Lack of affordable and healthy food choices.

I don't know why. (But, really, I do.)
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Millions of families are dependent on supplimental programs such as SNAP (also known as food stamps) and free and reduced programs through their child(ren)'s school. Even with these options available, approximately millions of children are still going to bed hungry and/or malnourished.

This year, as Congress reassesses the Farm Bill, one of the major cuts is going to be to the SNAP program and its education.


Here is a brief overview of the Farm Bill and SNAP  from Strength.org:

  • This spring and summer, members of Congress will be working on the re-authorization of the Farm Bill, legislation that provides funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formally known as food stamps, and the largest nutrition program in the Farm Bill. 
  • SNAP helps struggling families buy more food and fresh vegetables to feed their kids. 
  • SNAP faces potentially devastating cuts in the Farm Bill. These cuts could reduce or even eliminate, millions of Americans' access to SNAP benefits, forcing families across the country to go hungry. 
  • SNAP also provides important economic benefits to communities across the country. 
  • For every SNAP dollar spent, $1.79 is returned to the economy. As our economy slowly begins to recover, now is not the time to cut programs that help local businesses and families.
  • A family of 4 making less than $23, 000 net income qualifies for SNAP. 

Still, in all of this, there is good news: YOU CAN HELP. Everyone is affected by these changes.

Please, visit Share the Strength, a non-for-profit group dedicated to eradicating hunger of children in this country.

It takes just a click and a few minutes to send a letter to Congress, share your story, donate, or even all three. 

Every little bit helps. Together, we can make a difference.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. This is something I feel passionate about. My hope is to help spread the word so that we can make the necessary changes. This isn't about the stories we've all heard about fraudulent claims to the government. Statistically, the number of fraud cases is a drop in the ocean compared to the hunger and food insecurity going on in this country. Education and taking action are the keys. 

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