Don't post that!

Hmm. What other dirt can I get on her? 
Without fail, at least once a day, one or both of my boys utter the words, "Don't post that!"

The posting could be in reference to Facebook, Twitter, or even this blog. In that respective order. The denial of my ability to relay the - albeit rare -  hilarity that is my progeny has put a serious cramp on my writing. Why else did I have kids other than to have someone carry on the fine family tradition of dish washing and lawn  mowing?

I could write about serious stuff, but it's too, serious.

The day has come that I am not to utter so much as their accomplishments without prior acknowledgement,  complete editoral rights, and a signed release form or compensation. A general mention occasionally is okay as long as any possibility of recognition is stripped away.

No one will know who I am....
I thought I was slick recently and posted on Facebook that I wasn't allowed to post a particularly hilarious incident. Using the comment section as my cover, I did in fact give the gist of the story, much the amusement of those that read.

Then I was busted by the other child, as he read the whole thing on HIS news feed, and used that knowledge as a bargaining tool.

It's been a hard transition, as they were the basis of a lot of my brand of comedy.

Or were they? Only time will tell.

To be continued.....

1 comment:

Heather said...

haha that's funny because my oldest (8) has recently started telling me I should post things on facebook, like when his brother does something hilarious. It kind of shocked me the first time he said it because I didn't even realize he knew what FB was. I bet he will be telling me not to post stuff soon enough though. 

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