NaNoWriMo: Days 2-5

Apparently I have poor follow-through. I actually thought I was only behind on days 3-5.

Oops. My bad.

If you'll notice in the sidebar, I did figure out how to use that widget to keep up with the word count. As of this writing, I have 8,501 words written. According to the math, I'm up 166 words over the minimum daily goal.

Sunday I hit a wall. My inner editor was back with a vengeance. She's a mouthy broad, a real sight to behold. She was all, "You know you can't finish this. 50,000 words? You just hit 11, 000 on that other drivel you call a book. And that took you, what? Six months? Trust me, honey, you'll be better off hitting delete. Now turn on Netflix and queue up "Breaking Bad." Or maybe "Toddlers and Tiaras."

I finally shut her up with some Diet Coke and Halloween candy. She's easily bribed at times.

Sunday night, a few friends and I got together via Skype and did writing sprints. Best. Idea. Ever. The goal is to set a block of time, like thirty or forty-five minutes and just tear up the keyboard. At the end of the time, you report back with the words written. As one of my friends said later on why it works, "Because you don't want to be the loser of the group who is like '75 words and 5 Facebook statuses.'"

Accountability is a beautiful thing.

Yesterday, AKA Day 5, I had planned on writing the bulk of the day since I was off work. Those plans were thwarted, however, when Big Daddy said the words,  "I thought we had some running around to do*?"

What was supposed to be a quick trip to Home Depot and Target, both stores that are located within five miles of our home, turned into an all-day adventure, not sitting down at home, for good, until 7:30 p.m. As weary as I felt,  I somehow churned out some words,which ending up becoming my favorite chapter thus far.

I can do this.

Pressing on....

*He was right. We did have some things to take care of. And he is.probably without a doubt my biggest supporter when it comes to writing, so he wasn't trying to be mean or get me off track. Also, after fifteen years together, I should know that a simple trip to Home Depot doesn't exist. 


Heather said...

You can do this! And I personally don't care if you keep up with your proposed word count - the point is to do it! Just proving to yourself that you can and getting to practice the habit of write, write, write, however tired you are or how crappy the writing will have a lasting positive effect. I know this from participating a couple of years ago.

Heather said...

Thanks, Jennifer. Last night, my husband asked me what the point of this month was and what did I stand to win at the end. I told him, The satisfaction that I did start and finish a project. That's all I want."

I've wanted to do NaNo the last four years and chicken out before I even got started. This year, I am so glad I did it. I've learned so much about myself, and I think I may have grown exponentially as a writer. 

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