Be Careful What You Ask For: Christmas Edition

I am the worst Christmas shopper.

Part of the problem lies is I don't like shopping. Add-in overly heated stores, extraordinarily loud music, and throngs of snotty, disobedient children (and a few adults, too) and it's a wonder I ever leave the house from Thanksgiving to New Years.

I've been racking my brain for the better part of three months on what to get my husband for Christmas. We haven't bought anything for each other for years, but I was sick of that plan or the idea, rather. He always found a loophole and seemed to come up with something or two for me. The selfish part of me was sick to death of feeling like a cheapskate for "following the rules." I scrimped and saved and took odd jobs* this year in order to have extra to get him a few things.

Except I had no idea what to get him. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Not that I've been a gem in previous years, as I could not name five things I've bought since 1997.

1. Toolbox (2002-ish)
2. Clothes (1998 - 2006)
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?

And for the record, I asked him if he could remember anything over the last fifteen-ish Christmases.

He's still thinking.

I better charge my phone tonight. It's sure to be ringing off the hook tomorrow with people needing help with their holiday shopping. Clearly, I am all about making memories at my house.

I finally caved and asked him to make me a list of his desires for this year. And much to my surprise, he did. Let me translate the chicken scratches for you:

watch (leather band)
larger tool chest
emergency Radio
Ford F150 Extended Cab
flat screen for bedroom
money for wallet
surround sound system
brown hat
blanket replacement
books, anything Templars
board game (getting tired of winning on the games we have)

I don't know how much work he thought I've done this year, but apparently he subscribes to the same wish-list methods as my children. Although, I will say I wish I could get him the F150.

Oh wait! I did!

Actually, it's a F350 but  figured it was 2.34 times better than what he asked for, right? 

The most fun I had was picking out the truck (heh) and the game. Because I picked out 5 Second Rule.
I will always win. 

Hey, what do you know? Maybe I like Christmas shopping after all. 


Disclosure: No Christmas was ruined in the making of this post. Big Daddy doesn't know the title of my blog, let alone how to find it. 

*I am for hire! Will work for money, gift cards, accolades, product, etc. But mostly money. Accolades don't pay for the electric. And I need to start thinking about Christmas 2013. Just in case the Mayans were wrong. 

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