So long 2012

I'd been debating for a few days whether or not I was going to post anything, sending 2012 into oblivion.

I had considered compiling a list of the best books I read or perhaps a look back over the year.


Last year, I welcomed 2012 with open arms.

She apparently didn't like my welcome mat, or maybe the guest towels were scratchy, because three weeks into the new year, my husband got the call he was losing his job.

And for the entirety of the year, that has been on the forefront of my mind. Every thing that has happened, both good and bad, is attributed to that day. Up until a couple of days ago, I was ready to give the last year another finger gesture, a few choice words, and slam the door in her face. Then I saw a post on Facebook, and it changed my perception:

"Waking up 365 days....no one should say 2012 was a bad year."

I am cautiously optimistic as to what 2013 will bring. This year some major milestones are happening: 

  • My eldest child will leave her teen years and dip her toes into her 20s.
  • My middle child will graduate from middle school.
  • My youngest child will become a teenager.
To commemorate the upcoming year, I am starting a new tradition, another found on Facebook:

Idea was posted by Mommy Has A Potty Mouth
Let's get ready, 2013. Fresh year. Fresh start.

Happy New Year, friends. 

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