Autocorrect can't fix this

Time has been tick, tick, ticking along. You might have heard it.

Since September, my youngest son has been counting down the days since he was "supposed" to get his own cell phone. And by "supposed", I mean..well, it's a long story.

So, we had to wait until November until Big Daddy was eligible for an upgrade, and then a whole lot of other things happened, and the next thing I knew it was January. Big Daddy came home from work and laid his busted phone in my lap.

FYI, if you drop a canned good on the pocket containing your phone, it will crack the screen.

Long story short, the youngest child has been now been gifted with his first phone. After I had it activated, I immediately added his number to my contacts because my ability to remember a number diminishes by the minute. I could just see him calling me one day. I'd be all, "Hmm. I don't know that number; I'm not going to answer."

Mom, FAIL.

To add to his excitement, I quickly sent him a text so that I would be his first. My side of the conversation is blue:

By the time I got the message, "My mother is right beside me...," I was cracking up. My son WAS sitting just across from me. I was all, "Darrin! I am texting you. What is your deal?"

Darrin, putting down his iPod Touch: "Huh? What? I didn't text you."

Me: "What? Yes you did. Look..."

Then the realization hit. I checked my contacts.


Of course, you already knew what I did before I made it this far, right?

I know I am not alone; there are entire websites built on text message boo-boos. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you? Come on, laugh WITH me. 

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