Home Improvements, part 2.5

This morning when I got up, it was cloudy. I watched the weather but it looked like it was going to go around us.

Big Daddy thought we should wait until 9 to go out in case the sprayer was noisy. He also measured the section I did yesterday which turned out to be 15 feet, instead of the 10 I estimated.

Isn't it funny how women underestimate while men are the opposite?

Anyway, he also measured (read: walked off with his size 13.5 clodhoppers) that the next section was 90 (NINETY!!) feet.

Let's do some quick math....

A woman that is five feet tall painted a fence on a sunny day. It was 87 degrees outside. It took her two and one-half hours to paint fifteen feet. If she continues with the same speed, how long will it take her to paint ninety feet?

Solution: Approximately fifteen hours provided she doesn't have to make lunch, answer the phone, break up a fight, pass out from exhaustion....

Yeah. I know.

So, we fire up the paint sprayer. It took a few minutes to get it rolling, as we have never done that sort of thing before. Do you want to take a wild guess how long it took to do that 90 foot section?

Less than an hour.

Then it started thundering. Then the rain came. Then it stopped. Then it came back. Harder.

And that's where we are now.

We may never get done.

Stay tuned.


Kelsey S said...

Eeek hope it moves out of your way!


marigold said...

Welcome to my world sister. My husband works at ::shhh:: HD after 15 years of owning his own plumbing business. It doesn't get any better! He just dumps his paycheck right where he gets it! :sigh:

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