Home Improvement for the sake of blogging

One of the benefits of having summers off, and let's not forget, the two week breaks every nine weeks, is that there is more time for blogging.

One of the drawbacks of having summers off and two weeks every nine weeks, is that I have nothing to blog about.


During this time, my days are so routine and well, dull, that there isn't much humor in this:

"...so today I got up. And had coffee. While Regis and Kelly was on, I almost got choked because I totally knew the trivia question. I mean, how could that lady miss it? I didn't even see the show yesterday and I knew the answer. Later, I had to run the vacuum. Then the mail came..."

Exciting life, huh?

I have done a couple of major projects this summer and wished after the fact that I had the foresight to photograph the process. There were even some funny stories that accompany each one. At least I am learning.

When we bought this house in '06, the first thing we both said was that we should paint our pickett fence white. FINALLY, we are able to do it. Yesterday, I was taking some before shots. Big Daddy was power washing one section and asked me why.

I said, "For my blog, of course."

The fact it isn't quite going how we had envisioned is going to make for some interesting stories.

To be continued...

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Kimberly said...

I can't wait to read the next installment about your fence project and the, ahem, results! Maybe I'll get inspired to work on my neverending list of home improvement projects!

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