Out with the old


Ten posts shy of one-hundred. Oh well.

Truth be known, once the in-law and wannabe left on Saturday afternoon, I sort of shut down. Not really sure what that was all about, but it put me behind all things bloggy.

Christmas was awesome, though; don't get me wrong.

Here were my favorite quotes:

Nicholas, "I didn't get many presents. I must not have been as good as I thought. I'll have to work on that."

Jessica, after opening yet another envelope of money, "Oh yay! I have made back what I spent."

Darrin...well. He is a man of few words. But he is lovin' his Mp3 player he got.

Notice the lack of photos? Yeah. For some reason I used my regular camera. Mostly because my digital blows and by the time the photo is taken, the moment has passed. I will probably get the film developed by next Christmas, if I am motivated.

Here is is the last day of 2008. I wish it wasn't Wednesday. A new year should start on Monday, if you ask me.

Queen B had an awesome post today. She got the idea from another blogger...posting our top 10 favorite photos of the year.

I just uploaded something like 600 photos. You know, so I would have an empty memory card for Christmas.

Without further ado...

(no comment needed.)

Jessica and her boyfriend off to the Military Ball. I think this was in May.

Never has this little boy been more excited about something. Here he poses with his webkins pal, Shep, now referred to as "Doggie."

Tom and Huck painting the fence.

Juicy gets a car.

Ms. March. Part of the Hooters Girl Calendar shoot.

Big Daddy and I. A rare sighting.

Technically, Nicholas took this with his SpyGear secret camera at one of the never-ending weenie wagon weekends. I smile whenever I see it.

He was built in January/February. We didn't even miss school the next day (slight miracle.) He was about 12 inches tall and lasted all of 12 hours. Welcome to winter in Tennessee.

Monroe redefines lazy.

2008 wasn't one of our best years, but it wasn't the worst. Here's to the friends I have made along the way...

::raises glass of preferred beverage::

Bring the change.


Perkysgrl said...

Ha! I love that picture of the cat... too cute!

Perkysgrl said...

Ha! I love that picture of the cat... too cute!

Bridgett said...

I'm so glad your Christmas was a good one. And thanks for the grammer help, btw. LOL

As for the pictures...there is no way I could pick only 10 of my favorites. LOL

I loved your choices though..they really defined 2008. Jessica is gorgeous and I'm still giggling about the cat picture.


SarahHub said...

I am so glad I met YOU this year! Happy 2009!

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