My love don't cost a thing

Today is my husband's birthday. We think it is cool because:

a) today is Friday the 13th, and
b) he is 43. I am 34.

If I were to post a picture of him (which I won't) you'd never, EVER guess he is 43. If you knew him in real life, you'd never EVER EVER guess he is 43.

For realz.

It sounds so cliche, but he totally completes me. We are total opposites personality-wise. I was literally nothing until I met him.

We don't buy birthday presents for each other as of late; you know, in these hard economic times....I figure my gift would be a public proclamation of love.

My Dearest Husband,
I have been thinking all day of the things I wanted to say to you on your birthday. Of course, they keep coming out sappy, and we just don't do sappy. But really, deep down, you have to admit we can be.

Twelve birthdays we have spent together, and I have to say, I love you more today than I did even a year ago. You are my very best friend, and even when you leave your dirty clothes beside the bed for me to trip over on my way to the closet, I can't imagine not having your clothes there.

I love that the kids miss you when you are gone and don't dread your arrival.
I love that you love Sci-Fi but aren't a nerd about it.
I love that you are fiercely loyal to your family, work, and those two shirts and one pair of jeans even though you own more than that.
I love that you'll help me plan a menu, compile a grocery list, and go with me to the store.
I love that you have taken our vows literally; in sickness and health, richer and poorer. We have been through them all. Shame the richer didn't last longer.
I love that you are willing to sacrifice so much for me to go to school.
I love that you get me.
I love that nothing bothers you.
I love how your sense of humor works.
I love how we can talk without talking.
I love how you picked me.

There are a million and one more reasons why I love you. I can't wait to list a million more.
Happy Birthday, Babe
Love, Me


Fiona said...

Awww...that's so sweet.

Happy Weirdly Numerically-Significant Birthday.

Amy said...

Haha...he's loyal to you and a pair of jeans. There's a country song in there somewhere.

Happy Birthday to your Hub!

Bridgett said...

Happy belated birthday to your obviously very sweet husband!

3/13 was Parker's due date...but he decided to wait an extra day to join the world. :)


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