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The way our house is situated, we don't get any significant shade in the yard until the late evening. This makes car washing a difficult task. Because our driveway is in full sun all day, my dad recommended Mr. Clean AutoDry Carwash.

I bought it about a year ago.

I really like a clean car, but I don't like the fuss and muss of getting stuff out. I am the one you see at the Kroger car wash. If times are tight or if the car is extra dirty, I'll do it myself at one of those pull-up places.

Big Daddy was so sweet and requested that I wash my car ( a Malibu) so he can take it tonight when he carpools with some other managers to another store.

Let's not even get started why he can't take his Ford Explorer.

So, after some searching for the Mr. Clean AutoDry CarWash that I had bought a year ago and hadn't ever used but found it because BD had opened it and apparently it is too hard to put things that belong together on one shelf then finding it but it had goop all over it and then couldn't find the box for the directions which is weird because he keeps all boxes--big and small--then having to get the one hose we own off the spigot in the front yard even though I have been saying forever we need another hose for the back spigot after we drag it around the house we can not get the sprayer off oh and did I mention I was going to vaccum and clean the inside first but couldn't because he took our extension cords with him to the store for the weenie wagon and then I cursed inside my head for about ten minutes then sent him a text message saying that butt kissing had better happen as soon as he got home then cried because I was tired because I had only slept about an hour all together the night before......

Now, if I was going to be perfectly honest, the car was quite dirty. The last time it had gotten "washed" was about a month ago at the Kroger and even then it didn't do that great of a job. It is hot and buggy here right now. So the car was actually dirty, not just some mud swiped like they'd do in an infomerical.

We sprayed and started washing. In a couple of places it took some elbow grease, but in all seriousness, the gunk came off LIKE A DREAM. So smooth, quick, and easy. I am not kidding. And I couldn't believe how quickly and nicely the car dried on its own. I will be purchasing more soap and another filter- it's that good. I don't think my car has been this clean since we bought it new.

It's an '04.

Now, if Mr.Clean can get me a product that would help my husband with his lack of organizational skills, I'll go to work for them.


Fiona said...

Do you think it would work on a baby? "cuz Iain's covered in gunk, too.

Amy said...

I gotta get some of that - my FIL is a nut about his clean car.

Brandi said...

LOL are men ever organized? : p

we need before and after pictures! LOL

Bridgett said...

Very cool...gonna go check this stuff out.

If it makes you feel better, my car is never clean either. :)

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