Maybe if I had a reality TV show

Remember when I used to complain about my OCD tendancies? Or more accurately my husband's complaints?

Well, apparently I am cured.

Two weeks ago, we made some new bedroom assignments. Actually, we just moved Darrin out of the room he shared with Nicholas. Darrin moved into my "office." That meant that something around 4,000 books had to be moved out of that closet. To make a long, boring story shorter, one mess moved into one room, morphed into twice its size and ooozed into another and so on and so forth. In the process of splitting the boys up, that meant the toys had to be divvied up, so I also took that opportunity to get rid of the broken toys and gather outgrown/unwanted toys for the yard sale we've planned.

I like to take this moment to address the sheer mass of things those two boys have. I am not sure where they got it. It must be all "Toy Story" up in there while we are sleeping. Scooby Doo is my main suspect. He must have impregnated Anikan Skywalker... Hey, if a man can have a baby or two, why not?

Ok, so the point of that incredibly long paragraph of little clarity is that had I actually HAD OCD things wouldn't have gotten out of hand to begin with. And the more closets/cabinets/drawers I go through, the worse I feel. Plus, there is the whole issue of dust and dirty handprints that I hadn't noticed until lately.

It's been overwhelming. Now I feel as if I have led you astray with my cleaning prowess that I never possessed.

This must be what Kate Gosselin should feel like.

In other news, I am having a little contest. My Facebook friends know this already...I am looking for a cute name for a coffee shop. The winner will be a character in the book (not necessarily at the coffee shop).

Here are some suggestions thus far:

Carpe Coffee
Cool Beans
How Ya Bean?
Jitter Bean
The Grind
Spill the Beans
Coffee Paradise
A Whole Latte Love
Villiage Cup

I will pick the winner on Friday and announce it here and Facebook.

[Insert catchy and hilarious ending here]


Bridgett said...

I've started going through our toys and closets twice a year to empty them of non-used items. I have to...otherwise things are spilling out into every room and foyer of our house [which is small to begin with, I might add].

So I feel your pain. Kids = enormous clutter.

Can't wait to see who wins the Coffee Shop contest. How fun. :)


Amy said...

I can only weed out toys when the boys are out of the house. Otherwise, it's all 'Don't throw THAT away! I play with it!' I mean, really? It's a toy from when you were three....

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