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Many things on the agenda tonight:

1. The pantry/ laundry room is basically finished. The only thing it lacks is paint. Big Daddy built a new crate for the dogs, built in two drawers that were left over from a previous project, ect ect ect. The only thing is that right now it is all ghetto fabulous and needs paint. But apparently Lowe's has a policy that you must pay for things. Must be some crazy capitalist scheme. And no, there will no pictures for a while. At least until we can get it all painted. You'd think with the 927 cans in the garage, we could paint a 12x12 room and some exposed wood.

2. Today was registration day at school. President and I made survival kits to give to all the teachers and staff, and the students when the parents signed up for PTO. You can figure out what was inside the sack from what I wrote on the outside:

Here is you SURVIVAL kit:
A lollipop to help you lick your problems.
A sponge to soak up your knowledge.
A tootsie roll to help you roll with the punches.
An eraser so each day you can start with a clean slate.
A paper clip to hold everything together.
A pencil to write your wrongs.
A cotton ball for when you can hear yourself think.
Smarties...they are the seeds of learning.
And a star burst to remind you...YOU are the STAR!
Welcome back to school. We are happy you are here.

Speaking of, I made a blog for our PTO to keep the parents up to date with the goings on. So far it has been well recieved by those who know about it. I am sort of excited although no one knows its me, per se. Now if I could major in Farm Town/Facebook, I'd be set.

3. I noticed after I did the last entry, I only had five items. If that doesn't prove that I preoccupied with WAY too many things, I don't know what would.

4. One teacher is only taking the first four weeks off of school. At first, I was supposed to get it. Cha-ching! We get a raise and now solid work? Yes, please! However, due to some technical issue, another substitute got it because she has her license.

You all might as well be warned now; when I graduate and get my license, you will be so tired of hearing about it, I am sure you'll quit reading. That piece of paper apparently is magical and is the key that unlocks the universe.

Meeting ajourned.


SarahHub said...

I love the bags you made up! So cute! And I won't get sick of hearing about it when you get your license - I can't wait!

Bridgett said...

I love the bags you made up and what they say! Too cute!

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