What to do....

I am at sort of a crossroads.

When I started blogging some five years ago, it was something to do. The kids were smaller and were usually doing something to crack me up. [Not that they don't crack me up now, it's usually not something that can be translated into text.] I quickly became addicted to reading about other people's lives and their reactions to mine.

Overtime things have changed, for all of us I am sure, and it is not the same for me anymore. I am not sure what my purpose of blogging is at this point. Here are some things that make me think I should shut this down:

1. The internet is a huge place. There are places I will never see. Which also mean there are places that could see me that I don't even know about.
2. In the last month, I have read at least three stories where people had used pictures, stories, text, or whatever for their own malicious purposes. Not that I have anything that great to use, but what's to say someone wouldn't? How would I ever know?
3.This is a public blog. Any number of keywords could be used to find me should someone want to, say, to do a character check for employment? Sure, I could go private, but ....
4. Do I have anything of value to say?
5. I can't talk about work to any length. That's half my life GONE.
6. I have come to a point that I don't feel like I can completely be myself. There have been some major things just in the last two weeks I would like to write about but don't feel like I can because I don't know who is reading.

I don't know what I want to do.


Fiona said...

These questions bedevil us all. I grapple with them, too.

Bridgett said...

This makes me a little sad. I hope you stick around. :)


Sara said...

It's hard to find the right place for yourself. I think we all struggle with that a little bit.

And FYI, your number 4? NOTHING I ever say on my blog has any value, other than my own sick amusement.

Selfishly, I think you should stick around. At least for a while. Find a "new" direction to go here. Or tell us everything, and I'll personally kick the asses of anyone who gives you crap!

SarahHub said...

I posted pics of Evie in her underwear last week, then got nervous about the "Who is going to see this?" question... I keep checking Google Analytics to make sure it's not getting too many hits.

I hope you continue to blog. I love your humor, and would miss YOU! You're the second post I've read today about someone contemplating the end of blogging. :sniff:

Monica said...

I completely understand. I went private so I could talk about some things I had going on in my life.

But I never have time to write in my blog. I like to read blogs while I'm at work, but I am back and forth on the computer so much there, I don't have time to write a coherent entry.

I Hope ya stick around though.

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