You'd think I'd learn

Mistake #1- I didn't want the dogs' crate in the dining room (not enough room) or in the garage (let's not go there), so I put it in the laundry room.

Mistake #2- I told Big Daddy I wanted to move some cabinets in the laundry room to better utilize the space.

Mistake #3- Not realizing that it could not be as simple as moving a couple of cabinets.

Mistake #4- Wanting to re-do in the first place.

Mistake #5- Forgetting that the camera batteries are dead and now the whole wide world can't see the mess we've created just as school is going to start.


Sara said...

That is the stuff I do on a daily basis! I feel your pain!

Bridgett said...


Well, it happens. I'm sure you'll have it set up perfectly in no time flat. :)

Rachel said...

Oh yeah. I'm living it...daily.

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