Breaking the Rules

Ok. So no one has any questions? Let's move on, shall we?

Today was the official last day of school. Official in that it counts as one of our 187 days (or whatever the count is) and not really because all we have to do is pick up the report cards.

We are driving down the road. Well, technically, UP as we were going north at the time. Nicholas is complaining that they had to be in dress code and no one else was in dress code and what could they do anyway? "You were with me."

Calmly as I could, I tried to explain to him that I couldn't help what the other parents chose to do that morning, but I felt it was my responsibility to show him the right thing to do. And in this instance, the school board specifically said, "It is a school day. Be in dress code." Sure, there was nothing the school could do, nor did they do anything during the year for the kids not in dress code (at his school). But, there are times in life we have to do things we may not want to do. However, rules need to be followed even if we don't agree and as long as not one is getting hurt.

And let's face it. The dress code is about as lax as it can get. He was dressed in jean shorts (carpenter jean shorts), a red polo, and tennis shoes. Not a stretch from what he'd be wearing otherwise, other than his shirt was tucked in, and he was wearing a belt.

In his pre-teen angst, I am sure he heard, "Blah, blah, blah, bladity, blah-blah, because I SAID SO!"

Nonetheless, his attitude soared to a new degree when he was talking about how late we went. None of his friends were milling about. The buses were even leaving.

I responded with, "We went late to beat the crowd. That way we can talk to the teachers and even other teachers if we so chose."

He said, "No. We went late because you didn't want to be in the crowd. You thought you'd have a nervous break-down. You had a nervous break- down when there were twelve people trying to buy vegetables the other day at WalMart.

The inflection in his voice couldn't be missed. It wasn't one of mere comment but rather of disdain.

It hurt.

To be continued....

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