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Disclaimer: The following post, while not graphic in nature, has a subject matter that may not be comfortable for all readers. The author apologizes for any discomfort this may cause.

Do you remember when it was time to give Nicholas "The Talk?" I did follow up with him the next day after school.

Sort of.

I went in brave. I asked him what they talked about. He didn't go into specifics, but he did show me a vocabulary sheet the teacher had them copy.

Now there's an idea for the TCAP writers. I bet kids (ok, mostly the boys) would study voluntarily then. Probably form study groups and host all-nighters the week of exams.

Anyway, while the information contained on the aforementioned sheet was terminology I was comfortable discussing with him, there was one term that was left off. And I couldn't bring my mouth to form the word.

You know the one.

It's Wheel of Fortune time. There are no more vowels. $1,000,000 is on the line.
_ E _

The category is "What rhymes with 'Flex'?"

So, to make a long story short, I still don't know if he knows. I KNOW I have to tell him. I just feels like a piece of childhood is lost when you gain that kind of knowledge about adulthood. I'd just as soon tell him that there is no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy.

Speaking of the Tooth Fairy, she is going broke. Both boys are losing their molars like they are going out of style. I am wondering if they are buying spares out on the streets because they can't have that many in their mouths.

Back to the adult stuffs, I don't have to tell you the crap that is on TV these days. Back in April, Big Daddy talked me into turning off the cable. It had some benefits, like saving $ and not having to worry about the kids stumbling on something inappropriate on a supposed kids' network. I can appreciate those now that the withdrawl symptoms have subsided. Mostly because I can watch most of the stuff I like online.

Let's all praise the wonder that is the internet. I am not sure how I lived through the 80s and early 90s.

After six weeks or so with NO TV, we got an antenna to go on the living room TV. We get exactly ONE channel (ABC), but it is our favorite for news which was the purpose of getting the antenna.

Today, for some reason, one of the boys turned on the TV and Dr. Phil was on. I didn't really think whatever they were talking about was that bad and there was only about fifteen minutes left, and if you are at all familiar with talk shows, means that there is actually about five minutes left. Therefore, the viewer is bombarded with commercials.

I don't ever watch these shows but apparently I would be the market the advertisers are targeting. Because today at 3:45 CST, a commercial for KY Yours and Mine came on.

As in, personal effects that are for a couple. In a romantic and private setting. Not for travel brochures to Kentucky, unfortunately.

In slow motion, before my mind could come up with an appropriate distraction, Nicholas asks, "What is that for?"

This. Is. Not. Happening. "It's for adults." Please let him take that answer and drop it. Please, please, please, please, plea-

"But, what do they do with it?"

"Um. Well. ::cough:: It's sort of hard to explain."

THANKFULLY, he let it drop. But let's face it. This child may look like his daddy, but he is all me. ALWAYS THINKING. He has not forgotten nor stopped thinking about it.

You kind of have to feel sorry for the kid. Once I finally give him the cold, hard facts (oops, no pun intended), he is going to connect all the dots. Then he'll be poking out his mind's eye just like we did when it came to our parents.

Please give me some sympathy, though. I still have one more boy to go through this with.


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Kelly said...

There's an award waiting for you on my blog :)
Stop by and pick it up :)

I'm soooo glad I've got a few years before I have to have those talks!!


Danelle said...

Thanks for visiting me. Love your comments and am following you back. We have one left for "the talk" too. The first one was forced upon us by kids at school revealing information before we were ready to talk, so we figured we should try it a little sooner with the second. He just didn't believe us. Maybe we'll get it right the third time around?

Steph said...

Hi! I'm your new follower from Friendly Friday! Have a great weekend!!


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