Tears ahead: You have been warned

Apparently I have fallen off the wagon.

I have been super busy the last couple of days. Mostly with a couple of projects that I am working on that seem to be consuming all of my time. That is clear if you'd walk into my house right now....

I had planned this special entry for Father's Day, but ultimately ran out of time decided against it. I can tell you, however, Big Daddy had a great day.

He received a few things even though the budget I was given was approximately zero dollars and no cents. I was most excited about the photo collage that I had made through Walgreens. I was fortunate to get the idea from Jessica at Inspiring You to Save. She had posted that Walgreens had a special on 8x10 collages for the low, low price of FREE.

Yes, ma'am. Sign me up.

AND because I had to sign up, I also got 25 4x6 prints for FREE.

When I gave him the picture, (framed AND matted--items I had on hand. One of the perks of closing a portrait studio) I also included the receipt. He was impressed.

Probably his best present came from Darrin--a handmade card. Inside Darrin wrote:
"Dear Daddy,
I love you more than deviled eggs* but they are really good. Happy Father's Day! I love you!"

*Please note: The love that Darrin has for deviled eggs knows no bounds. I love chocolate and Diet Coke, but this goes beyond that. Seriously. I have never seen anything like it.

Later that night, Big Daddy said that brought a tear to his eye.

::passing the tissues::

Other than that, it's been pretty average around here. Nothing out of the extraordinary. Tomorrow, Jessica has an appointment to get her Senior pictures made. Just typing that makes me want to flip through her baby photos while playing "Memories", "Photograph","Yesterday," and "Good Riddance(Time of Your Life)". I am not really sure how it's even possible, because I am pretty sure that last weekend I put on her favorite dress, Mary Janes, socks with lace around the edge, and her hair in pigtails (with bows!), and Big Daddy took us to Chuck E. Cheese on a date. I have a photo of the event.

::taking the tissues back::

I think I better stop here. My keyboard won't be able to take much more....

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