You'd think she'd figure out how that happens

You know, a funny thing happened when I announced and linked that I was participating in a 30 Day Blog Challenge.

After I wrote that post, I actually went and signed up for it. After I signed up for it, I was sent a link to meet the other members. After I went to the page that had the members listed, I realized that they all had other things on their agenda than I did.

Noticing a theme?

So essentially, I announced to the whole world that I was going to do something before I actually found out what it was all about.

Sounds similar to August of 1999. In otherwords, Darrin's conception.

Clearly, thinking things through and studying up on the facts isn't a strong point of mine, although I would argue until I was blue in the face that I AM NOT SPONTANEOUS! I THINK THINGS THROUGH!

(Let's not mention to Big Daddy that I actually said those words. Could make for a long and frustrating weekend. For me.)

About three weeks ago, I saw a flyer on the door of the library stating that there was going to be a Writer's Workshop hosted by a local publishing company. I immediately signed up for it.

THEN, went to the publisher's website.


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Sally Liddicoat said...


Funny - I kinda ended up participating in the challenge the same way. I actually co-host an internet TV show and my cohort in crime put me on the spot in front of the camera on May 25th. How could I say no??? Then came time to see what I was in store for.

I saw as you did that there is such a wide variety of bloggers, most with a different agenda. However, it has been fun learning so much about so many different people.

Look forward to following your stuff!


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