Isn't She Lovely?

Sara awarded me with this award earlier in the week. In keeping with complete disclosure, I just saw it today. My apologies again, Sara.

The rules in receiving such a great honor are as follows:

A) Thank the person who gave it to you.
2) List 7 random things about yourself.
III) Pass it along to another 7 people.*

I would like to thank Sara for bestowing this award to me. ::sniff-sniff:: It is for good people like her that I have the courage to log on every so often and attempt to write something that isn't totally lame or sounds like fiction. Sara may be 1,786,834 miles away, but it feels like she is just next door. Secondly---

:::music starts to play:::

Listing seven random things about myself? Why, this is hard. I never talk about myself...

1) My athletic career consisted of exactly one season of softball the summer before sixth grade. Not that I didn't want to do other things but that is another entry for another day. Anyway, I usually played catcher or outfield because I could throw so far. But, at the awards ceremony, I totally embarrassed my parents. When it was my turn to receive my trophy, I was to state my name and position. When the coach politely gave me the smile to leave the podium, I insisted on listing all four positions I played that season.

2) I have no tattoos. And although I REALLY want one, I probably never will due to my irrational fear of needles.

3) We saw Ralphie May at Zanies a couple of years ago. I was able to get his autograph at the end of the night. He handed me my stuff back and said, "Thanks, Beautiful." And even though he probably says that to every other chick that he talks to including his wife, I like to pretend he meant it.
(And no. I have no dreams of hooking up with Ralphie.)

4) I do not like eating at pot luck dinners. Especially if it's a mix of people I don't know. It just grosses me out not knowing if these people are clean, the condition of the their kitchens, or if the food was cooked properly. Unfortunately, as hard as I've tried to hide my quirk, it seems to have been passed on to my middle child who informed me last night, at a pot luck dinner, "I am not going to eat much. I don't like to eat other people's food. I'll eat something when we get home." Ironically, he did not eat any of the food I brought. Hmmm.....

Oops. Mommy fail.

5) In similar fashion, I won't take any samples at the grocery store. You know, those trays where you can just serve yourself? ICK. I swear, I can just see the E.Coli, Hepatitis, and salmonella crawling around in there.

6) You know the saying, "There are no stupid questions?" I disagree.

7) This is my bio page on Associated Content. Feel free to become a fan. ;)

It seems I am to pass this along to seven other people. Seven?!?! Yikes, an uneven number...oh well. Here we go:

Beachy Mimi

** I went to copy and paste the rules from Sara's entry and noticed how she numbered them. This just proves why we are so in sync. I would have totally done it the same way.

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Sara @ Life With the Two said...

You're very welcome! (No worries about seeing it late, I totally forgot to tell you about it!)

The tattoo/needle phobia is easily resolved. My tattoo is of a pansy, on my back. So that I wouldn't be able to see the needle!

Also? I have the same pot luck phobia. Even when I was little I hardly ate anything at church dinners. Grocery store samples kinda give me the hee-bee jee-bees too!

And Ralphie May? I love him.

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