My Best Friend

Day 7 of the blog challenge

I have many people that I consider friends. Many that I consider acquaintances. But only two people that I would consider my "best" friend. These two people are the ones that I think of first when I have something to share--good or bad.

One of them is Big Daddy, of course. It goes without saying that one's spouse would be a best friend.

But every woman (in my opinion) needs someone that is not a partner in which to go to. Fortunately for me, I found that when our former principal hired the music teacher, Miranda.

I wasn't until last summer that our relationship took off. We had been friends at school but once we were able to get away from work we realized how much we have in common, but really different.

She moved earlier this year back to her hometown, but still works at the school. Even though she physically an hour away, we are still as close as we were.

Both of our lives are changing, but we've still been there for each other.

I can honestly say that I love her and feel lucky that she is my friend.

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