My Day

"Day 6" of the blog challenge

Now that we have had one full week of school, I actually have a typical "day" that sounds more productive than the willy-nilliness of the summer days.

5:15 am Big Daddy wakes me up

5:23ish I actually get out of bed.

5:25 Wake the kids

5:30-6:00 make coffee, let dogs out, feed/water cat and dogs, make breakfast, pack lunches, make sure everyone gets dressed/brushed/combed

6:00-6:10 drink coffee, watch news, count minutes until everyone is gone

6:12 Kiss them GOODBYE

6:15 Pour second cup of coffee

6:15-7:00 Enjoy coffee in silence with dogs/cat piled on my lap while watching news.

7:00-3:25 What.Ever.I. Want.
My usual routine has been a general straightening of the house, starting laundry, writing at least one article, working on a short story that is due next month, then reading.

3:26-4:00 Getting the lowdown on the day. Monitoring snacks and arguments. Wishing I had taken a nap.

4:05 Consider running away

4:06 Try to come up with something suitable for dinner.

4:15 Start the "whatever I touch first" game and cook random foods.

4:30 Answer the phone and talk (read: listen) to Big Daddy give me a run down of his day so we have nothing to talk about for the rest of the evening

5:15 Put "dinner" on the table

5:45 Clear the dishes and clean the kitchen

6:00-9:00 Veg in front of the TV

9:01 Prepare to finally go to bed

9:05 Start the "If I go to sleep right now, I'll get X hour(s) of sleep," game while making sure Big Daddy stays on his side of the bed because he makes the bed feel like an inferno.

11 ish- Finally fall asleep...

Lather, rinse, repeat


Fiona said...

You're funny. I love that he calls to tell you about the day even though you then have no content for later chats. We all have our routines, right?

CAN'T believe how early you get up. Egads.

Heather said...

I can't believe how early I get up either. Anything before 6 is considered "the middle of the night" and inhumane to me.

As far as him calling, I have tried to subtly hint that maybe he doesn't need to call EVERYDAY on his way home. It makes him comfortable. Really, he probably does it so he can spend the rest of the night alone reading or watching TV. ;)

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