If ever I needed an opinion...

Because of the awesomeness that is a google search and Picnic,  I have been busy today avoiding workworking on a button for the blog.

The problem is that I could spend hours doing this. But I was asked couple weeks ago to submit a button to The Skinny Scoop's directory.

Help me decide: Vote on your favorite.
(Note: Voting apparatus at the right, at the top of the sidebar. There should be no problems such as those that may or may not have occurred in Florida.)





Use the poll in the sidebar to cast your vote. Vote as often as you want. 
I'll reveal the winner on Sunday. Or Monday. Whatevs. 

We'll pretend that I have a prize to give away should you choose my favorite.  Also? Don't forget to click on Stumble, Tweet and Like to spread the love about.

Thanks for your help!

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