The People Have Spoken

 After a landslide vote, the blog button has been chosen:

 I would like to thank all that voted. And if you don't care for this: I get tired of things after a while, I am liable to change in six months. Kinda like the living room furniture.

It may be a day to two before I post again. I sustained an injury to the inguinal muscle and of all things, sitting hurts. Big Daddy set up a comfy chair so that I can get online (read: keep working). Of course, the monitor is too far away and I can hardly see.

So to recap:
I tore my groin muscle trying not to fall and break my hip.
I can't see the computer monitor because the print is too small even when I hit ctrl+.

Next week I'll be waving my crutch at "those dang kids" in the yard while my panty hose is rolled around my ankles.

I guess that's what the doc meant when he said, "Let's face it: You're not 15 anymore."

1 comment:

Sara @ Life With the Two said...

You wait six months before rearranging your living room furniture?! I usually only make it three.

I really hope you feel better soon. Being injured SUCKS!

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