John Quiñones Would Be Disappointed

I found myself in a real-life "What Would You Do?" moment.

Picture this: I am standing in the aisle of Walgreens contemplating my choices for pain reliever with a sleep aid.

Approximately four feet away from where I was standing, a young lady was contemplating her choices. I am not sure what caused me to look at her--it may have been the sound of ripping-
-while she pulled on the packets of  AZO standard, ripped one or two off, dropped them in the row of boxes next to her and shoved the open box back on the shelf, towards the back.

As I stood there, openly watching this girl, so many thoughts are racing through my head.

"What..hey! She opened that box. Like RIPPED it open. surely she isn't..oh, my goodness she totally is...I can't leave this spot, she knows I am watching..this is totally like something that would happen on WWYD...should I say something? Is she going to deny it if I do? Of course she is...why isn't anyone walking down this aisle..."

I moved from where I was standing, to act like I am going to the next aisle over. Except I just act like it, and "hide" out of her eye sight by an end cap. Another lady, an employee of Walgreens, walked toward me and I opened my mouth to tattle. But something stopped me, and I never said a word.

Just a couple minutes later, Big Daddy comes out of the bathroom which was just off the aisle where the alleged crime was committed. I took him over to that section, as she passed me going to the water fountain--to swallow the evidence, I am sure-- and relayed the previous actions. I said, "I want to find a manager and report this." In the interim, I realized she was not an employee of Walgreens as I previously assumed, but part of the inventory crew that was there.
It didn't set well with me that she was being paid to count the products in the store. Not that any theft is acceptable, mind you.

My husband, the store manager of a grocery store and the victim of theft on a daily basis, said, "Don't. They can't do anything if she doesn't have the stuff on her."

It is eating at me. People continue to steal. Companies have gotten scared to do anything for fear of libel lawsuits* yet prices continue rise to offset the loss.

There have been several occasions I thought someone was stealing, but wasn't 100 percent sure. This time? I had no doubt in my mind what she was doing.

That will be the last. The next time I see someone stealing, I am going to confront him or her. I am sick of paying the difference.

Have you ever witnessed a theft? What did you do? 

Photo credits: DreamstimePheezy via Flicker

*It happens. People will be caught, and then actually try to turn it around like they were being picked on. Big   Daddy deals with threats all the time. 

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